Large Truck Accidents

We share the roads with large trucks, tractor trailers, 18 wheelers, cement trucks, garbage trucks, tank trucks and dump trucks. While automobiles have become much safer, they are no match for the significant weight, size and force generated when one of these trucks collides with an automobile.

Large truck accidents are often caused under the following circumstances:

  • The truck driver falls asleep because he is trying to get to a destination on a designated time schedule
  • The truck driver drives too fast in order to get to his destination on a time schedule
  • The truck is not properly maintained to save costs and increase profits (poor condition of tires or brakes)
  • The trucking company hires a driver with a bad driving or accident history

Regardless of the reason, these accidents result in devastating injuries, medical expenses, financial losses and sometimes death to innocent victims.

The trucking companies and their insurance companies will attempt to limit their liability and pay as little as possible. The accident victim needs to promptly and thoroughly investigate and gather evidence early in the claim process. Therefore, it is crucial for an accident victim to contact an attorney for advice.

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