After an Auto Accident

What do I do after an Auto Accident

1. Call the police and an ambulance immediately.

2. Seek immediate medical treatment for injuries at the hospital ER or a doctor. Let a medical professional determine your condition.

3. Call your insurance company as soon as possible to report the accident.

4. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney with expertise in auto accident law to protect your rights. You can call me at (727) 787-2511.

5. Get photos of all vehicles, the accident scene and injuries.

6. DO NOT sign a release or any papers until you talk with a Auto Accident Lawyer.

7. DO NOT give a recorded statement until you talk with a Auto Accident Lawyer.

8. Keep copies of all bills and records.

9. Make sure your doctor knows of all of your injuries and pain.

10. Keep a diary of your pain, limitations, restrictions and any wage loss as a result of the automobile accident.